**Travel fees may apply

All petting zoo's consist of a variety of animals including Sheep, Minature goats, bantam chickens, bunnies and ducks.  pigs, and baby animals are available upon request. Alpacas and Larger Livestock are also available when booking for a XL Petting zoo but may have limited availability and are subject to additional fees.  Base fees are shown below. Additional fees may apply based on location.  Petting zoo must be set up on a level grassy area.  If no grass is available straw bedding is required and available for an additional fee. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required for booking. Most of our ponies have a maximum weight limit of 80 lbs but we have larger ponies available upon request.  If you will be having children over 80 lbs please let us know at the time of booking.  If booking for a holiday please contact us to inquire about our holiday rates.

Pony Rides
(Hand Led- @ Your location)


~ 1 Pony only- $300 1st hr./$150  ea. add'l hr.

~ 2 ponies only- $350 1st hr./$200 ea. add'l hr.

~3 ponies only- $400 1st hr./$225 ea. add'l hr.

~4 ponies only- $500 1st hr./ $250 ea. add'l hr.

Petting Zoo



Small Petting Zoo- (10 animals/8'x8' corral)

  $550 for 1.5 hr./$250 ea. add'l hour

Medium Petting Zoo- (15 animals/12'x12' corral)

  $650 for 1.5 hr./$275 ea. add'l hour

Large Petting Zoo- (20 animals/16'x16' corral)

  $750 for 1.5 hr./$350 ea. add'l hour

Extra Large Petting Zoo- (25 animals/20'x20' corral)

  $850 for 1.5 hr./$475 ea. add'l hour

Discounted Packages


Package 1- $550 for 1 hr./$250 ea. add'l hour 

(Includes 1 pony & small petting zoo-10 animals)

Package 2- $600 for 1 hr./$275 ea. add'l hour

(Includes 1 pony & medium petting zoo-15 animals)

Package 3- $600 for 1 hr./$275 ea. add'l hour​ 

(Includes 2 ponies & small petting zoo-10 animals)

Package 4- $650 for 1 hr./$300 ea. add'l hour

(Includes 2 ponies & medium zoo-15 animals)

Package 5- $700 for 1 hr./$350 ea. add'l hour

(Includes 3 ponies & medium zoo-15 animals)

Package 6- $800 for 1 hr./$400 ea. add'l hour

(Includes 4 ponies & medium zoo-15 animals)

Pony Carrousel Wheel
3 hour minimum requirement


4 pony carrousel

$1200 for 3 hours /$500 ea. add'l hour

6 pony carrousel

$1500 for 3 hours /$650 ea. add'l hour

8 pony carrousel

$2400 for 3 hours/$1100 ea. add'l hour.

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*By appointment only
$100 for a 1 hour personal experience for a family of up to 7 persons (guests) each additional guest over 7 is $5 per person
*Interactive petting (up to 10 animals)

*Learn to groom a pony

*Feed treats to farm animals

*Pet and feed our pet zebra (Lacey)

*(1) 15 min pony ride for 1 child.
***Additional rides are $25 each, upon request.***

Onsite Farm Experience



$500 for 1 hour/ $200 each add'l hour.


Live Nativity Animals.


*(1) Standard size donkey (Miniatures and hand-led, rideable, standard size, donkey may be  available  upon request.)

*3 Sheep

***Coming Soon****
Camels & Reindeer (Spring 2022)


Please Contact us for Details pertaining to your previous contracts/Rates and Book us now for this School Year!

Additional Charges


Mileage fees:
16-24 miles from farm $40

25-35 miles from farm $60

36-50 miles from farm $85

51-75 miles from farm $100

76-99 miles from farm $140

100-125 miles from farm $200
125+ miles from farm *Rates my Vary

Straw bedding -$60 

Princess or Unicorn pony- $40 per pony


When Determining Mileage we use 92027 as our starting point


DISCLAIMER**PLEASE NOTE**  Snows Pony Rides And Farm Animals With Exotics Not only supplies Animals For the Famous Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, CA But we also Supply up to 15+ Other pumpkin patches with animals throughout Southern California. On Any given weekend In October, we will have 12-20+ Ponies "working" which means, our staff will be incredibly busy as well. 

ALL "PONY" Parties BOOKED with us on the weekends In the month of October may be subject to a $200 Charge for staffing  shortages, as well as a $60 increase per pony requested as you may not get a pony, and may have to settle for a "horse".

Another Option to booking a Pony party with us on a weekend in October, would be to have your party at Bates Nut Farm and Pre Order your Pony Ride Tickets ahead of time! 


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